Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Easy Cash Trends review

Easy Cash Trends went live a week ago and is  well organized pdf with watch over my shoulder screenshots also on how to find and spot hot trends and monetize that. Since hot trends usually generates a massive swarm of traffic they show you exactly how to get in front of that traffic and monetize it.

They walk you through exactly with what tools that is needed, how to set everything up and the tools are absolutely free to use.
There is some tools that you can purchase for a more advanced and professional use but not necessary to start with.

In general the method is how to spot a hot trend and there is huge list of resources on that and also how to identify a profitable trend

Next is to do a good research, post on your site or blog compelling content that matches that trend(Free or paid version).

Watch my full video  review here

After that you want to find related products to promote as an affiliate or if you have created your own product and of course also how you are going to drive traffic to that offer and monetize.

They show you both free and paid traffic sources in the product.

The affiliate network you are going to work with depends really since you have to match the type of products with the trend.

The most time consuming with this is the start up in this method, but once you have set it up it is much easier everytime you for a new hot trend. 

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