Sunday, May 1, 2016

The importance of reading books - The one thing

The importance of reading books - The one thing

Basically i did this video because i was reading "The One Thing" for the 2nd time and got reminded of the the importance and benefits of reading books.

Reading books is like mental exercise for the brain.
You’re activating your brain and start thinking!

It really helps us to to visualize, be more creative, communicate easier take great decisions, de-stress faster and a lot more.

Why real books you're asking right now?
Because E-books are hard for the eyes in my my opinion especially if you working on your computer all day.

It’s a also a good excuse to take a break from the computer.
There’s something  special, however, about reading a classic paper book and flipping pages also

The book i recommend in the video is "The ONE THING" By Gary keller and Joe Papasan.
It’s about a using a simple, powerful concept to focus on what matters most in your personal and work life.
Some things that are also covered in the book is about goal setting, Domino rule, time blocking, 80/20 rule and a lot more.

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